1. Introduction

These terms and conditions apply to any task that ValbyAdvokaterne ApS, CVR number 32836009 undertakes, unless otherwise agreed in writing. ValbyAdvokaterne ApS is organised as a private limited company, and all the lawyers are appointed by the Ministry of Justice in Denmark and are part of the Danish Bar and Law Society. In addition to the terms and conditions, we practice law in accordance with the rules of professional ethics, which can be found at www.advokatsamfundet.dk, and the rules of the Danish Administration of Justice Act on lawyers.

2. Task

When we take on a new task, we prepare an appointment letter. The letter states our understanding of the task, what work we expect to do, which partner and other employees will be associated with the case, the fee rates for the persons concerned, if possible an overall fee estimate for the task. We estimate the total fee in relation to the expected task. If the task changes as we get deeper into the case, we will inform about the changed prerequisites. In ongoing customer relationships and in smaller cases where the customer has clearly described the task, or in urgent cases, this can be waived.

3. Conflicts of interest

We do not accept cases that involve conflicts of interest between the company’s customers. Before we take on a task, we investigate possible conflicts of interest with existing clients. If a conflict of interest arises, we refer the client or clients to another lawyer.

4. Identity information

ValbyAdvokaterne ApS is – in line with other law firms – covered by the Act on Measures to Prevent Money Laundering. We are therefore obliged to collect and store identity information.

5. Fee

Lawyers may not demand a higher remuneration for their work than can be considered reasonable. Our fee is determined on the basis of a specific assessment, which includes, among other things; – the time spent, – Who has contributed to solving the task, – The complexity of the task, – Whether the task has necessitated an effort under considerable time pressure, – The importance the task has for you, – The responsibility associated with solving the task, and – The result achieved. Our fee is exclusive of relevant costs and disbursements. It can be difficult to set a fee when we receive a task. Upon request, we are happy – and always to consumers – to provide a reasoned estimate and information about the expected costs and disbursements, just as we inform the customer as early as possible if it turns out that the total fee is expected to exceed the estimate.

6. Payment

Usually, we issue an invoice when the task is completed. For larger or longer-term tasks, the fee is settled in arrears every month, unless otherwise agreed. The payment terms are stated on the invoice and VAT is added in accordance with the applicable rules.

7. Prepayment

We reserve the right to demand advance payment for the expenses and any task-related costs to be incurred as part of the case processing for, for example, reasonable travel and subsistence expenses, fees, court fees, assessors, or the like, if the nature of the case in our opinion necessitates it.

8. Client funds

To the extent that we receive prepayment or deposit of costs, such payments will be considered client funds to be held in a client account where accrued interest (both positive and negative interest) accrues to the client. Deposits in client accounts are subject to the general ceiling of EUR 100,000 (approx. DKK 750,000), which is laid down in the Act on a depositor and investor guarantee scheme for coverage in the event of the financial collapse of the account-keeping bank. The coverage cap is calculated for each financial institution per customer and includes the customer’s deposits in their own accounts, in separate client accounts and in the pooled client account. Valby Advokaterne ApS assumes no responsibility for a customer’s loss as a result of the financial collapse of the account-keeping bank. ValbyAdvokaterne ApS has client bank accounts with Danske Bank.

9. Confidentiality

All information that we receive in connection with a task is treated as confidential, unless it is clear from the circumstances that it is not of a confidential nature.

10. Insider trading

All employees at ValbyAdvokaterne ApS are covered by the current legislation prohibiting disclosure of inside information about listed companies and restrictions on trading in listed securities.

11. Use of our advice

Our advice is targeted at the specific task and may not be used for any other purpose without our express prior consent. Unless otherwise agreed, we are solely responsible in relation to the customer for the advice provided. The customer has the right to use the specific written material that we have prepared for use in a given case, while ValbyAdvokaterne ApS has and retains all copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the material.

12. Storage of cases

Valby Advokaterne ApS completes the assignment until its natural conclusion or until the customer requests that the case be closed.Original documents are usually handed out no later than the end of the assignment, and we store case files for at least five years from the invoice date.

13. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Any dispute between a customer and us must be resolved in accordance with Danish law before the competent Danish court.

14. Complaints

On the website of the Danish Bar and Law Society you can read about the possibilities of making a complaint. In the event of a dispute about the fee and/or dissatisfaction with the conduct of one of our lawyers, a complaint about the amount and/or conduct of the fee may be made to the Danish Bar and Law Board, Kronprinsessegade 28, 1306 Copenhagen K, or by e-mail: klagesagsafdelingen@advokatsamfundet.dk. Read more on www.advokatnaevnet.dk.

15. Liability and insurance coverage

All lawyers at ValbyAdvokaterne ApS are covered by our liability insurance and guarantee scheme, which is taken out with Söderberg & Partners, HDI-Gerling Forsikring, Indiakaj 6, 1., 2100 Copenhagen Ø. Our liability is limited in all respects to DKK 2,500,00.00 million and applies regardless of where the law firm has been practised. Our liability does not include financial consequential losses, including operating losses, loss of data, lost profits, goodwill, image, etc., or other forms of indirect loss. We are not liable for any errors made by other advisers to whom we have referred the client, just as we are not liable for any errors made by subcontractors to whom we, in agreement with the client, have entrusted parts of the task’s solution.

ValbyAdvokaterne ApS.

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